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6 Premium Semi-Sweet Georgian Wines

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Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: Place of Origin

Wine colour: Red

Wine Type: Semi-sweet

Grape Variety: Place of Origin


Mixed Wine Case Deals UK

Indulge in the rich tapestry of Georgian winemaking with our curated collection of 6 Premium Semi-Sweet Georgian Wines. From the velvety depths of Akhasheni to the exquisite notes of Khvanchkara, this mixed case offers a captivating journey through the finest semi-sweet varietals, including Kindzmarauli, Ojaleshi, Usakhelouri, and the coveted Kindzmarauli Premium. Discover the essence of Georgia’s winemaking tradition in every sip with this mixed wine case UK.

Mixed Wine Case 6 Bottles

  1. Kindzmarauli
  2. Ojaleshi
  3. Usakhelouri
  4. Kindzmarauli Premium
  5. Akhasheni
  6. Khvanchkara


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FAQs 6 Premium Semi-Sweet Georgian Wines

The Mixed Wine Case includes Kindzmarauli, Ojaleshi, Usakhelouri, Kindzmarauli Premium, Akhasheni, and Khvanchkara. Explore our Mixed Wine Case Collection
The wines in this mixed case are premium semi-sweet Georgian wines, each offering unique and exquisite flavors that represent Georgia’s rich winemaking tradition. Discover the Flavors of Georgian Wines
Akhasheni wine is known for its velvety depth, offering a rich and smooth taste experience. Taste the Richness of Akhasheni
Khvanchkara wine is prized for its exquisite notes, making it a standout choice among semi-sweet wines from Georgia. Experience the Uniqueness of Khvanchkara
Yes, Kindzmarauli Premium is a highly coveted wine known for its superior quality and distinct, refined taste. Indulge in Kindzmarauli Premium