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Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: Kakheti

Wine colour: Red

Wine Type: Dry

Grape Variety: Place of Origin

Alcohol ABV: 13%


Aladasturi Traditional Georgian wine
Aladasturi wine is a traditional Georgian red wine that is known for its rich, full-bodied flavour profile and unique winemaking techniques. Made from the Aladasturi grape, which is indigenous to the region, this wine is a true representation of the unique terroir and winemaking techniques of Georgia.

The Aladasturi grape is known for its high tannin content, which gives the wine its robust and full-bodied flavour profile. The wine is aged in oak barrels, which adds complexity and depth to the final product. The ageing process also helps to soften the tannins, making the wine more approachable and easy to drink.

One of the most exciting things about Aladasturi wine is the traditional winemaking techniques that are used to produce it. The grapes are fermented in large clay vessels called qvevri, which are buried underground. This method of fermentation, known as “orange wine,” is unique to Georgia and imparts a distinct earthy and mineral character to the wine. The wine is then left to age in the Qvevri for several months, allowing the flavours to develop fully.

What foods go with Aladasturi Wine?

Aladasturi wine is best paired with hearty, meat-based dishes such as stews and roasts. The high tannin content of the wine makes it an excellent match for rich, flavourful foods, and its bold flavours can stand up to strong spices and herbs.

Overall, Aladasturi wine is a unique and delicious addition to any wine lover’s collection. With its rich flavour profile and traditional winemaking techniques, it is an accurate representation of the unique terroir and winemaking heritage of Georgia. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just looking to try something new, Aladasturi wine is definitely worth a taste.

More Information about Aladasturi Wine: A Unique Georgian Delight
Georgia is a land of winemaking tradition, and one of its lesser-known grape varieties is Aladasturi. This dark-skinned grape is used to produce red wines with a unique flavour profile that wine lovers are sure to enjoy. In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics of Aladasturi wine, how it’s made, and what foods pair well with it.

Aladasturi grapes are grown in the eastern part of Georgia, specifically in the Kakheti region. The grape is known for its thick skin and high tannin levels, which contribute to its distinct flavour. Aladasturi wines have a deep ruby colour, with aromas of dark fruits like blackberries and cherries, as well as hints of spices and herbs.

Aladasturi wines are typically aged in oak barrels, which adds complexity and depth to the wine’s flavour profile. On the palate, Aladasturi wine has a full body, with firm tannins and a long, smooth finish. Some of the key flavour notes in Aladasturi wine include dark chocolate, vanilla, and black pepper.

When it comes to food pairing, Aladasturi wines go well with a variety of dishes. Their high tannin levels make them a good match for fatty meats like lamb and beef, while their fruity notes complement dishes with tomato-based sauces. Aladasturi wine also pairs well with spicy dishes, as the wine’s tannins can help to cut through the heat.

If you’re looking to try Aladasturi wine, there are several Georgian wineries that produce it, such as Pheasant’s Tears, Orgo, and Nika Bakhia. Aladasturi wines are also available in specialty wine shops and online retailers, where they can be purchased for reasonable prices.

In conclusion, Aladasturi wine is a unique and delicious red wine that is worth seeking out. Its bold flavour profile and ability to pair well with a variety of foods make it a great choice for any wine enthusiast. Whether you’re a fan of Georgian wines or simply looking to try something new, give Aladasturi wine a try and discover its delights for yourself.


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Aladasturi wine is a full-bodied red wine made from the Saperavi grape variety grown in the Alazani Valley region of Georgia. It is known for its deep ruby colour, rich tannins, and complex flavour profile featuring notes of dark fruit, spice, and a hint of oak. It is best enjoyed with hearty meats and strong cheeses.