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Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: Imereti

Wine colour: Red

Wine Type: Semi-sweet

Grape Variety: Place of Origin

Alcohol ABV: 12.5%


Usakhelauri has a rich and full-bodied flavour with notes of dark fruit, spices, and a hint of tannins. It has a deep ruby colour and moderate alcohol content (12-13%vol). It is perfect for pairing with meat dishes, cheeses, and traditional Georgian cuisine.

Due to its limited production and the traditional methods used in its production, Usakhelauri is a true expression of Georgian winemaking heritage and a sought-after collectable for wine enthusiasts.

Usakhelouri literally translates as “no name” as is one of the rarest varieties in the whole of Georgia. Originating from the wild forests of Western Georgia, this limited wine is naturally semi-sweet in profile and shows an abundance of prunes, figs and a woody backbone. Refined and very special.

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Usakhelauri is a traditional Georgian wine made from the Usakhelouri grape variety grown in the region of Imereti. Known for its unique character and aroma, this wine is made using traditional winemaking methods passed down for generations. The grapes are hand-picked and fermented in large earthenware vessels called “qvevri” underground. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for several months to a year, allowing for the development of complex and nuanced flavours.