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Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: N/A

Grape Variety: Georgian

Alcohol ABV: 40%


Chacha brandy is made using the pomace of the grapes after winemaking. Traditionally the best Georgian chacha was only homebrewed by Georgians. Now it is commercially made and available Georgian chacha buy UK is where Henry imports to.

Another alternative depending on the chacha alcohol price is a Georgian brandy named Sarajishvili brandy. Similar to Sarajishvili is the oldest known maker of Brandy.

Chacha drink price is dependent on the producer and can vary because of the year produced and the medals that are awarded. The best-known Chaha Classic when last checking for a price the supplier had to be contacted directly for an update.

Chacha alcohol percentage ranges from homebrew at around 80% and commercial variation between 40% and 50%.

Georgians say that Chacha brandy has medicinal purposes such as curing ear blockages, stomach upsets, acne and indigestion.

This video shows people drinking Homebrew Chacha in Georgia and some of the wonderful foods of Georgia on display.


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Georgian legend grape chacha

Georgian chacha is made from indigenous Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane wine grapes. The base spirit is double distilled using the grape must in copper Coffey column stills. Infused with locally sourced natural ingredients and real honey, giving it a light amber colour, gentle floral aromas and a subtle sweetness.