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Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine



Additional Information

Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: Kakheti

Wine colour: Red

Wine Type: Dry

Grape Variety: Saperavi

Alcohol ABV: 13%


Kakheti region wine

Elevate your wine experience with our Top-Class Kakheti Saperavi Wine, a true gem from Georgia’s renowned Khaketi region. Immerse yourself in the deep, dark ruby hues of this exceptional wine, aged in oak barrels to perfection. With each sip, you’ll discover a symphony of flavours, including rich vanilla, cherries, black plums, cocoa, and a hint of black pepper, making it an ideal choice for both solo enjoyment and pairing with your favourite dishes. Whether it’s a special occasion or a simple evening indulgence, this Saperavi wine is your ticket to an extraordinary wine journey. Its unique teinturier grape origins ensure a depth and richness that sets it apart from the rest. Savour excellence in every glass—order now and savor the finest Saperavi has to offer.

Indulge in the pinnacle of wine craftsmanship with our exquisite Kakheti region Saperavi wine, a testament to the art of winemaking. Carefully cultivated in the heart of Georgia, this wine exemplifies the highest quality Saperavi grapes, promising an exceptional sensory journey that connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike will relish.

Crafted with meticulous attention, this fine wine has matured gracefully in oak barrels, resulting in a captivating dark ruby hue that sets the stage for an extraordinary tasting experience.

With each sip, prepare to be enraptured by a symphony of flavors. Rich and velvety, our Saperavi wine offers a harmonious blend of vanilla, cherries, black plums, cocoa, and a subtle hint of black pepper. This exquisite medley of taste notes is bound to awaken your palate and leave a lasting impression.

Our Kakheti Saperavi wine stands as a testament to its remarkable quality and versatility. It shines brilliantly when enjoyed on its own, a perfect companion for those moments of pure indulgence. Moreover, its food-friendly nature makes it a delightful partner to a wide range of culinary delights, enhancing your dining experience with each sip.

This wine is the ideal choice for special occasions, turning any moment into a grand celebration. Elevate your gatherings, impress your guests, and create unforgettable memories with the sheer magnificence of our Kakheti Saperavi wine.

Saperavi wine

the most esteemed red grape variety in Georgia, brings a unique element to this wine. Unlike most red grapes with red skins and clear pulp, Saperavi grapes have the extraordinary feature of having red flesh in addition to red skins. The result? A wine that is inherently dark and rich, even before the fermentation process. When the juice from these special grapes mingles with the skins, it deepens the color and complexity of the wine, delivering an experience that is truly one of a kind.


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Indulge in the extraordinary with our Kakheti Saperavi wine—a masterpiece of Georgian winemaking tradition that promises to delight and impress.

FAQs Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine

Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of hearty dishes, thanks to its bold flavors and robust structure. This wine complements rich meat dishes such as grilled steak, lamb stew, or roasted game meats exceptionally well. Its pronounced tannins and dark fruit flavors also make it an excellent match for aged cheeses, charcuterie platters, or hearty pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces.
Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine stands out for its unique origin and grape variety. Made from the indigenous Saperavi grape, native to the Kakheti region of Georgia, this wine offers a distinctive profile characterized by its deep color, intense fruitiness, and firm tannins. Unlike many international red wines, Saperavi showcases a perfect balance of acidity, tannin, and fruit concentration, making it a standout choice for red wine enthusiasts seeking something truly exceptional.
Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine is renowned for its deep, opaque color, intense fruit flavors, and firm tannic structure. Produced in the traditional qvevri (clay amphora) method or using modern winemaking techniques, it often exhibits notes of ripe blackberries, plums, and spices, with hints of earthiness and a lingering finish. Its bold yet balanced profile makes it a versatile pairing for a wide range of cuisines and occasions, reflecting the rich winemaking heritage of Georgia.
Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine can be found in specialty wine shops, online retailers, and select restaurants with a focus on international or Georgian wines. Look for reputable wine merchants that specialize in unique and artisanal wines, as well as online platforms that offer a curated selection of Georgian wines. Additionally, some Georgian wineries may offer direct-to-consumer sales or have distribution partnerships in your area, providing convenient access to this exceptional wine.
The ideal serving temperature for Saperavi Georgian Red Dry Wine is typically between 60°F to 65°F (16°C to 18°C). This allows the wine’s complex aromas and flavors to fully express themselves while maintaining a balanced mouthfeel. You can achieve this temperature by decanting the wine for about 30 minutes before serving or using a wine cooler to bring it to the desired temperature. Avoid serving Saperavi too warm, as excessively high temperatures can emphasize alcohol and mute its nuanced characteristics.