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Additional Information

Country of Origin: Georgia

Wine Region: Samegrelo

Wine colour: White

Wine Type: Semi-sweet

Grape Variety: Georgian


Here are the specifications for “Tsolikouri Naberauli”:

Region: Tsolikouri Naberauli is a wine produced in the region of Samegrelo, located in western Georgia. Samegrelo is known for its diverse grape varieties and unique winemaking traditions.

Grape Variety: Tsolikouri Naberauli is made from the Tsolikouri grape variety, which is indigenous to Georgia. Tsolikouri grapes are known for their distinct flavors and contribute to the character of this wine.

Style: Tsolikouri Naberauli is a white dry wine. It is crafted to showcase the natural characteristics of the Tsolikouri grape, resulting in a crisp and flavorful wine.

Taste Profile: This wine offers a balanced and nuanced taste profile. It typically exhibits citrus notes, such as lemon and grapefruit, along with hints of pear and green apple. It may also have floral aromas and a refreshing acidity.

Alcohol Content: Tsolikouri Naberauli generally has an alcohol content of around 11-13%, which contributes to its moderate body and overall structure.

Aging Potential: While Tsolikouri Naberauli is delightful when enjoyed young, it can also benefit from short-term aging. Allowing the wine to mature for a couple of years can enhance its complexity and depth.

Food Pairing: Tsolikouri Naberauli pairs well with a range of dishes. Its crispness and acidity make it an excellent companion for seafood, salads, white meats, and vegetarian dishes. It can also complement light cheeses and appetisers.

Remember to serve Tsolikouri Naberauli chilled to fully appreciate its vibrant flavours. Enjoy exploring the unique character of Georgian wines!

Capture the essence of Tsolikouri Naberauli

Georgian White Wine: Highlighting the wine’s origin and categorising it as a white wine from Georgia, this keyword emphasises the regional and varietal uniqueness of Tsolikouri Naberauli.

Crispness: This keyword showcases the wine’s refreshing and lively character, drawing attention to its vibrant acidity and invigorating qualities.

Citrus and Floral Notes: By mentioning the prominent flavours and aromas of citrus fruits and delicate florals, this keyword conveys the wine’s aromatic complexity and adds an enticing touch.

Samegrelo Region: Referencing the wine’s specific origin in the Samegrelo region of Georgia, this keyword underscores its connection to the region’s winemaking traditions and the distinct terroir that influences its character.

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Introducing Tsolikouri Naberauli, a delightful Georgian wine that embodies the rich heritage and exceptional quality of the region, offering a truly authentic and memorable wine experience.

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